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referral statements

Chad is skilled in understanding a challenge and breaking it into digestible chunks, then tying those to a project plan that exceeds the business objective. He is one of the best managers and teammates I have ever encountered. His real talent though is his collaborative spirit, accountable nature, sense of humor and ethics. I thoroughly enjoyed my working time with Chad, and would welcome him with open arms to any future team I might lead.

Jenifer Pritchard - Former President, Fossil Group

Chad is both a strong team leader and individual contributor. He utilizes his creative skills to solve problems and prioritize competing agendas. His background provides an ability to work well with both creative and operational executives.

Tom Kennedy - Former Executive Vice President, Fossil Group - Current President of Wolverine Worldwide

Chad is a highly strategic and innovative thinker, both of which is only overshadowed by his ability to execute.  I had the pleasure of mentoring Chad for a few years before we became counterparts.  I enjoyed being his boss equally as much as I did being his colleague. Throughout our years I probably learned more from him, than he did from me.  He is truly a great leader and served as inspiration to everyone at Fossil.

Patrick Conner - Former Director of Design and Brand Development, Fossil Group - Current Director of Concept Development, Nike

I have had the pleasure of working with Chad over several years and on many diverse projects.  He is one of my favorite people to work with because he communicates clearly, offers creative options and alternatives to overcome obstacles, and ultimately ensures complex projects are completed on time.  At the same time, he's fun to work with and a thoughtful business partner, and his demeanor is always professional - garnering respect from all levels of the organization. This allows him to work extremely well with all different types of people, bringing order to complex processes involving many individual contributors across many functions.  And as is required in the rapidly changing retail industry, he is agile in adjusting to the changing business environment and adept in solving problems on the fly.

Laura Hubert - Senior Director of Planning, Fossil Group – Fossil Employee and current colleague

I am honored to have had Chad as a manager and leader. It is rare to have the opportunity to report to a boss that is a mentor, coach and a strong example of what it means to be leader. I have worked for Chad for the past 10 years at Fossil. He knows how to command a room and get everyone on board with his innovative ideas. He has an amazing ability to juggle multiple tasks and his delivery is never less than flawless. He is a great motivator for his team and always stands behind them in support. I happily give my highest recommendation for Chad as a huge asset to any company that he may lead in the future.

Amanda Hinshaw - Senior Visual Manager - Fossil Employee and former direct report

Chad was an inspirational, innovative and empowering leader. His strategic approach to management and operations has modeled my career.  Chad always takes time to discuss, listen and resolve difficult tasks. Thanks to Chad, the last 10 years in my career have been extremely successful this is a result of his guidance and his ability to push me to be my best. I look forward to working with him again in the future and would follow him anywhere!

Olamide Bashorun - Visual Manager – Former Fossil Employee and direct report

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